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Eat Healthy, Live Well

At Niva Nutri, we don’t just ensure that you get your daily fix of nourishment, we also make sure that you relish every bite you take! Our products are wholesome and delicious and are made from the finest quality ingredients that we source. But more importantly, we give you the power to make mindful choices, despite your eventful and demanding lives. Niva Nutri helps you make that much-needed lifestyle shift; from binge eating to healthy eating, with Fit & Flex! So, go right ahead and make a wise choice…

Open a pack of wholesome

Fit & Flex granola!

Why Fit & Flex Granola?

A wholesome start to each morning or a delightful snack to
munch on during the day, it’s great just about any time.

Baked & Crunchy

Slow-baked and crunchy, Fit & Flex Granola is nutritious, incredibly tasty and delightful anytime of the day.

Your Energy Buddy

Infused with fibre-rich nuts and seeds and fruits that give you your daily vitamin dose, this granola leaves you super charged and energised all day long.

Good for Your Heart

Made from nourishing oats, which are great for your well-being, Fit and Flex Granola keeps your heart strong and happy.

Great Flavours

Every time you treat your taste buds to the refreshing flavours of berries and mixed fruit, you know just how great Fit and Flex Granola is for you!

And oh yes, Fit & Flex Granola is great fun to eat too! So,we ask you, why not granola?


This granola contains iron that helps your immune system grow stronger.


Keep your skin, hair, bones and eyes happy all the way.


This granola’s natural sugars help you kickstart your day with vigour.


Naturally cholesterol-free granola, keeps your heart happy, healthy and ready for the long haul.

Your Granola, Your Way

Whatever your style, Fit & Flex Granola sure makes each day joyfully worthwhile!
A wholesome bowlful made your way, is all you need to feel on top of the world. So, have it your way!

As a crunchy snack
Rolled into a delicious peanut butter ball
Generously sprinkled over yogurt
With a drop of honey
Or, just a good ol’ granola bar
During a workout in Milkshakes
As an Ice-cream topping
Sprinkled over Porridge and salads

Our Products


A delightful tropical mélange of luscious
mango, tender coconut and multigrain granola,
Mango Coconut keeps you going, all day long!


High on fibre, low on fat and deliciously
crunchy, Mixed Fruit is fruitaliciouly wonderful
and pumps you up with a vitamin punch!


Refreshingly fruity and packed with the
goodness of multigrain granola, Happy Berries
is a truly happy start to your every day!



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